About Me

Food Crush is more than a food blog, it's creating confidence in the kitchen, making memories, building a community of food lovers and practicing a healthy lifestyle.


Hi there I'm Brittany!

I started Food Crush with the intention to show that cooking shouldn’t be overwhelming. I wasn’t always a foodie or even a decent cook for that matter.  Growing up I lived off store-bought freezer meals, drive-thru and lots of cereal. Cooking was just a thing my family never got into. Entering adulthood, my knowledge of cooking was using a blender. I lived off smoothies and non cooking meals like salads….I know what a snooze fest of a life. Don’t get me wrong I love food, I was just terrified to make it myself.


In 2019, I was 23 and decided that it’s finally time to learn how to cook so I applied to be on Food Network’s Worst Cooks In America. I was casted for Season 15 of the show and my life forever changed. If you haven’t watched the show {SPOILER ALERT} I was recruited by Tyler Florence and solely representing him in the finale. Where I developed, prepared and plated a three course meal for a panel of culinary experts in a blind tasting. 

Fast forward to 2020, less than a year later.  I worked up enough confidence to attend an open call to audition for MasterChef. (I know!!) Long story short, I somehow successfully passed through multiple tasting rounds held by Gordon Ramsey’s culinary team. Followed by making it to live cooking audition for Season 11 where I cooked, plated and presented a dish for Gordon Ramsey, Aaron Sanchez, Joe Bastianuch and Curtis Stone. Pretty much the most anxiety filled day of my life…

It’s safe to say I’ve come a long way from smoothies to grilling wagyu beef on national television and serving Gordon Ramsey live in the flesh. My point is…if I can learn how to cook SO CAN YOU and I’m here to help ya. 


I come from a family of zero cooking, no family recipes, traditions, nada. I found myself feeling envious of my friends with parents that were amazing cooks and had timeless family treasured recipes. So I decided to start my own traditions and recipes for my future family. 

To inspire people to get in the kitchen and create delicious, affordable, healthy meals whether you’re cooking for yourself or your family. You’ll be surprised what you are capable of!

Love your body, love yourself and understand the importance of good food.​