Low Carb

round plate with layers of round watermelon slices, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil on a wooden cutting board.

Watermelon Caprese

 5/5 Watermelon Caprese all summer long, yes, please!  It’s summertime here in Los Angeles which calls for backyard BBQs, refreshing drinks, and juicy apps! I think we’ve all had a caprese before, you know the appetizer you usually see at Italian restaurants. With the juicy tomato slices, soft fresh […]

golden color whole roasted cauliflower head with pomegranate seeds

Honey-Turmeric Roasted Cauliflower

If you’re craving a savory, nutty salty dish look no further!This one sheet roasted cauliflower is soaked with immune boosting and antioxidants ingredients. Topped with fresh chives and pomegranate seeds for a sharp burst of citrus flavor, to create the perfect bite. Yum Why we love cauliflower: One sheet recipe. […]

overhead shot of spinach mushroom kale and bacon fritatta in a skillet on a wooden cutting board

Spinach, Bacon, Swiss, Mushroom Frittata

Learn how to make a frittata with this simple recipe and 6 recipe variations. Let me say this up front, I love frittatas! They’re unbelievable easy to make, affordable, great for using up leftovers and customizable to any dietary preference. A fritatt-what? Frittatas are similar to a crustless quiche or […]

overhead shot of three lettuce wraps filled with cauliflower florets on a wooden cutting board

Korean Style Lettuce Wraps

 5/5 Fresh lettuce wraps filled with roasted cauliflower tossed in a sticky Korean sauce, topped with crushed peanuts, chives, and sesame seeds. All on your dinner plate in less than 45 minutes. Yum If you use Pinterest pin this recipe . Why we love Korean lettuce wraps: Korean BBQ […]

Vegetarian Stuffed Acorn Squash

How to win over the hearts of your vegetarian guests on Thanksgiving. Acorn squash stuffed with onions, apple, quinoa, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, sage, toasted pecans & cranberries. Fun fact this recipe originally was inspired by my Harvest Stuffed Acorn Squash A buttery, baked acorn squash stuffed with mushrooms, onions, apple, […]

Halved acorn squash overflowing with quinoa, brussel sprouts, cranberries on a white plate.

Harvest Stuffed Acorn Squash

The carnivore version of my acorn squash recipe. Stuffed with ground beef, onions, apple, mushrooms, sage, toasted pecans & cranberries. The carnivore version of my fall harvest squash. Filled with ground beef, mushrooms, carrots, apple and toasted pecans.