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Grill, Meat, Meat (beef+pork)

Steak Kabobs

Juicy, marinated steak kabobs is a simple delicious dinner idea. Ideal for my busy bees. You know who you are. Simply marinate the steak while you’re at work or the night before, so when you come home all you have to do is throw it on the grill. Boom. Yum […]

Appetizers, Meat

Beef Empanadas

The perfect finger food without all the grease! These savory beef empanadas are perfect for lunch on the go, appetizers or a tasty mid-day snack. Yum This recipe came from a family friend of mine. The flakey, buttery and savory pocket of yumminess will have you addicted. But don’t worry, […]

Meat, Video

Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie

Traditional shepherd’s pie has always been a staple in my house growing up. Although I won’t lie, I usually wasn’t thrilled when I saw it on the dinner table. Now that I’m you know #adulting I thought to revisit my this childhood dinner with my own culinary twist. This Shepherd’s […]