overhead shot of two bowls of chicken soup, ladle and striped blue napkins, next to a bowl of white rice

The Very Best Chicken Soup

 5/5 The king of chicken soups with immense flavor, savory shredded chicken and broth soaked vegetables that will have every guest humming with satisfaction. My boyfriend’s mom calls this “Jewish Penicillin” because it’s the go-to soup to make when you feel a sickness coming on. It’s also great on […]

overhead shot of bowl of ramen noodles with soft boiled egg, mushrooms, bean sprouts, jalapenos, seaweed and back seasame seeds

Homemade Ramen

 5/5 Upgrade your top ramen with this traditional Japanese recipe. Don’t worry although this dish looks intimidating, the key to a delicious bowl of broth is all about balance. You can do this! Let’s break down this dish together so you know exactly what’s going on. The Broth: the […]

overhead shot of bright orange carrot soup with swirls of white coconut milk

Creamy Thai Carrot Soup

 5/5 If you love creamy soups with a blend of sweet heat then this soup is for you! This Thai-spiced inspired soup is super nutritious, perfect for chilly nights, feeding many mouths and freezes well so you pop leftovers in freezer then reheat for a quick weekday dinner. Or […]