bright pink onions in glass mason jar

Pickled Red Onions

 5/5 What’s the one thing I always have stocked in my fridge? These pickled red onions! They’re tangy, sweet, with a slight bite that bring balance to almost any meal. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you guys that I add these onions on almost everything. They’re amazing on […]

close up shot of falafel in a white bowl

Falafel with homemade Tzatziki

I…love…FALAFEL there’s no surprise there. Maybe I just have a deep love for Lebanese food…ether way I had no idea how easy they are to make. Like, crazy easy so I thought to share it with you all. What I love about these deep-fried balls of chickpea and spices is […]

round plate with layers of round watermelon slices, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil on a wooden cutting board.

Watermelon Caprese

 5/5 Watermelon Caprese all summer long, yes, please!  It’s summertime here in Los Angeles which calls for backyard BBQs, refreshing drinks, and juicy apps! I think we’ve all had a caprese before, you know the appetizer you usually see at Italian restaurants. With the juicy tomato slices, soft fresh […]

Three ears of roasted mexican corn on a plate with white cheese and cilantro

Mexican Street Corn

 5/5 I’m going to share with you all how you can make Mexican street corn two ways – baked and grilled! If you’ve ever had Mexican street corn, you know how unbelievably addictive it is, and if you haven’t then I’m honored to be one to introduce you to […]

asparagus on a white plate with lemon vinaigrette, parsley and almonds

Asparagus with Lemon Vinaigrette

 5/5 Your new favorite go-to asparagus recipe. 10 minutes, six ingredients, vegan approved and beyond simple to make. Let’s dive right into how to make this yummy side dish. Here’s what you’ll need: Asparagus, trimmed.  If it’s your first time snap off the bottom of one asparagus stalk, it […]

Mason jar filled with layers of yogurt, granola and blueberries

Healthy Granola

 5/5 Firstly I hope everyone is taking precautions and staying safe while COVID-19 is sweeping the globe. You may be wondering what you can make with the all pantry and freezer staples in your kitchen. Once you try freshly baked granola, you won’t go back to store-bought granola. This […]

overhead shot of white rice in a bowl with a gold spoon and blue napkin

How To Cook Rice on the Stove

Food Crush B A S I C S Having trouble with cooking white rice? Don’t feel discouraged! Cooking the perfect rice can be more challenging than you think. Making rice was something that always made me feel unconfident, even when I used a rice cooker – I still felt unsure […]