overhead shot of roasted whole carrots on a slim gray serving plate with carrot top chimmichurri dipping sauce

Carrot Top Chimichurri

This sauce will transform anything you drizzle it on. Who would’ve thought that carrot tops are actually a super tasty ingredient. So rather than throwing your carrot greens out, make this super simple Argentinian influenced  chimichurri. Use this chimichurri for: Enjoying with my Maple Ginger Roasted Carrots Dipping my Garlic Parm […]

overhead shot of three lettuce wraps filled with cauliflower florets on a wooden cutting board

Korean Style Lettuce Wraps

 5/5 Fresh lettuce wraps filled with roasted cauliflower tossed in a sticky Korean sauce, topped with crushed peanuts, chives, and sesame seeds. All on your dinner plate in less than 45 minutes. Yum If you use Pinterest pin this recipe . Why we love Korean lettuce wraps: Korean BBQ […]

Garlic Parm Carrot Fries

Let’s be real, we ALL crave french fries! Especially when tossed in garlic and parmesan cheese, you won’t even notice you’re munching a vegetable. You may have tried sweet potato fries in the past but let’s talk about these CARROT fries, these guys are packed with fiber and potassium. Yum […]

Bowl of bright orange colored mashed sweet potatoes.

Coconut Sweet Potato Mash

Behold the ultimate side dish. Sweet yet savory mashed sweet potatoes with a velvety texture that so simple it’s hard to believe. Yum Watch the how-to video: You can totally enjoy these mashed sweet potatoes as a side or on their own because they’re that good! But I’m going to […]

Sweet Potato Curry

Sweet Potato Curry can honestly be described in on word and that’s LOVE. This warm, rich, flavorful, comforting curry is an easy one pot recipe that will have you feel swaddled in love.  Why we love sweet potato curry: This silky-creamy -saucy flavorful curry can be made in less than […]

overhead shot of bowl filled with 50% rice 50% red curry

Massaman Curry

  A rich, fragrant, relatively mild Thai curry- the perfect blend of spicy, sweet and creaminess. Covering an assortment of vegetables with optional protein suggestions to meet anyone's dietary preference.