Fingers holding chic-fil-a nugget wrapped in a cresent roll on a white plate

Chic-Fil-A Breakfast Roll Ups


This is not your average Food Crush recipe post, however after being convinced by four people who absolutely loved this meal I decided to throw it on the blog…so here we go.  

With the fear of COVID-19 locking us all in homes I’ve been a little inventive in the kitchen, well because we don’t have a choice. One morning while I’m staring blankly in my fridge, to my excitement I found a heavy count of Chic-fil-A nuggets from the lunch the other day. In my opinion Chic-fil-A has the best breakfast so I couldn’t miss an opportunity to have Chic-fil-A at home. 

I grabbed a tube of Pillsbury crescent rolls, rolled out the dough, sliced it into strips and wrapped each nugget. I popped those babies in a preheated oven on 350 for 12 minutes, poured maple syrup and honey into assorted dipping sauce bowls and the rest was history. 

Now I know many of you might be wondering “Brittany who the heck has leftover Chic-fil-A in their fridge” I understand this isn’t a common ingredient in your kitchen. What I’m saying issss during this quarantine we still have the ability to go through drive thru and order online. That being said, if you order an extra count of nuggies next time you’re grabbing lunch, you’ll be able to make one hell of a breakfast the next day.

P.S – I do plan on attempting to make a copy cat Chic-fil-A nugget recipe sometime this month, stay tuned!


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