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bright pink onions in glass mason jar

Pickled Red Onions

 5/5 What’s the one thing I always have stocked in my fridge? These pickled red onions! They’re tangy, sweet, with a slight bite that bring balance to almost any meal. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you guys that I add these onions on almost everything. They’re amazing on […]

overhead shot of cooked mushrooms and green chives in a small bowl

Sauteed Mushrooms

★★★★★ 5/5 I feel as though mushrooms are so underrated. These guys are packed with umami and elevate any dish you make for dinner. These basic sauteed mushrooms are a perfect recipe to know. Depending on your main entree you can enhance the flavor of the shrooms by simply incorporating […]

overhead shot of roasted whole carrots on a slim gray serving plate with carrot top chimmichurri dipping sauce

Maple Ginger Roasted Rainbow Carrots

Eat your vegetables! Don’t worry we’ve got you covered, with this insanely easy and delicious carrot recipe. The ginger glaze plays perfectly with the natural sweetness of the rainbow carrots. Did I mention this is a one sheet recipe! A.K.A less to clean up, you’re welcome! Yum Gordon Ramsey mentions the […]

Bowl of bright orange colored mashed sweet potatoes.

Coconut Sweet Potato Mash

Behold the ultimate side dish. Sweet yet savory mashed sweet potatoes with a velvety texture that so simple it’s hard to believe. Yum Watch the how-to video: You can totally enjoy these mashed sweet potatoes as a side or on their own because they’re that good! But I’m going to […]